Linux Kernel - back to basics

It’s remarkable how time flies. It didn’t feel so long ago when I was building my own Linux kernel on PC with 8 MB of memory. But it was indeed long time ago..

Sensu - Getting Started

Monitoring is often a sore topic. It’s crucial to get it right and get a grasp of what’s going on with your infrastructure. The more details you have during ...

Run Jenkins Master on Kubernetes Cluster

Such a lovely evening. It was a great sunny day near the Black Sea where I’m taking some time off with my family. Now it’s late enough to have a beer and… bu...

Learning .NET?

I never thought I’ll do that. Going to .NET for any implementation felt like a betrayal to all that is sacred. Or in other words switching the domain to Micr...

How about fixing the CI?

Every good story has a beginning somewhere. I want to think that this very story started on a whiteboard just like this one.

DevOps Journal

I want to make such journal for awhile now. Something to pickup when in need of technical inspiration.